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Red Sea Housing Services is a globally established company specialising in the design, engineering, build, on-site implementation and maintenance of sewage and wastewater treatment plants.

With more than four decades of experience, our company has the most qualified experts, advance technologies and large-scale manufacturing capacity to meet the needs of various clients and industries across the globe.

Whether you are planning to build a wastewater treatment facility or you need to upgrade your existing modular wastewater treatment plant, our industry leading team of specialists will provide you with reliable and hands-on support from start to end.

We are the foremost modular sewage treatment plant supplier in Malaysia & across Southeast Asia

Our company has a global presence spanning 65 countries, with operating facilities strategically situated in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Ghana and Papua New Guinea, all of which contribute a total production capacity of 900,000 square meters annually.

With our huge production power, we are one of the preferred wastewater plant suppliers in Malaysia and throughout the Southeast Asia and MENA regions. Our company has the resources, manpower and worldwide reach to provide services in the remotest site projects and ensure project delivery even with the most challenging timelines, while maintaining best industry practices and excellent results.

In addition, our comprehensive and specialized modular construction services have allowed us to reduce construction time significantly, ensuring a minimum of 50 percent faster occupancy, which brings about faster ROI compared with traditional construction methods.

Our proven track record and ability to facilitate coordination between international manufacturing facilities, shipping services and constructions sites has made Red Sea a global leader in modular housing solutions across the globe.

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Reduce, Recycle, Reuse. We treat water expended from welfare facilities, such as kitchens and washrooms, before releasing it back to the environment. Our systems can be scaled and expanded based on changing needs with minimum disruption to operations and surroundings.

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Key Features

  • User-friendly easy to operate interface
  • Reliable process since the MBR plant is typically operated at low organic loading rates, and the membrane provides a barrier to particulate discharge; the sludge within the reactor basin simply digests itself without affecting the effluent quality
  • System expandable with minimum disruption
  • High quality effluent enough to be discharged to coastal, surface or brackish waterways or to be reclaimed for urban irrigation
  • Small footprint since secondary clarifiers and filters are eliminated
  • Easy retrofitting possible with existing septic system or discreet installation during the facility build; since the unit is modular
  • Lower residual sludge - high quality treated effluent
  • Virtually solids-free produced water
  • Produced water surpasses the most stringent standards (including the California Title 22 specification)
  • Effective reverse osmosis process purifies the water to high purity levels
  • Energy efficient – in some cases lower energy consumed than used for ground-water pumping and piping