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Red Sea Housing Services helps you Save Revenue by Eliminating Water Loss

It would be disconcerting to not treat the billions of gallons of waste-water and sewage produced every day before releasing it back to the environment. Treatment plants reduce pollutants in wastewater to a level nature can handle. With continuous personal and capital investment in research and development, Red Sea Housing Services have now successfully designed and built our state of the art packaged Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), offering a range of benefits to the end user.


This is taking water and sewage treatment to the next level in the different facilities that are perhaps set up on a temporary basis. But we consider this as a social responsibility and accepted the challenge to modularize the sewage treatment at each of the operating facilities. The water used at your facilities currently loses out from welfare facilities such as washrooms, kitchens, lavatory blocks, messing facilities and even work shop processes such as pressure washing, cooling water, and test water.

Red Sea Housing Services offers you the packaged MBR STP plant that has the capability to process and produce high quality water, surpassing the most stringent standards including the California Title 22 specification. 100% of the processed water is suitable for water reuse for flushing toilets and urinals, cooling systems, floor, wall, building wash downs, pressure testing, vehicle washing, truck wash bays, cement mixing, dust control, irrigation and so forth. By operating at a higher Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids level than conventional systems, Red Sea Housing Services MBR STP creates less sludge disposal, saving cost of tankers for sludge removal. Being a modular compact unit enables MBR STP to be placed anywhere in your premises be it near the existing septic system (for retro fit projects) or designed to be placed discreetly during the facility build.

Relish the value from the system

We have taken testing to the next level by incorporating the system at our head office in Dubai, where we have retrofitted our pipe work and drains and installed our RSH MBR STP.

Over last 12 months we have monitored the quality of produced water and we are delighted with the results, equally important we have monitored the water savings. Previously , like most other commercial water users we were wasting 100% of our used water, and suffering the cost of this plus the cost of tanker removal.

By installing our MBR STP we have eliminated water loss and saved 500,000 AED (136,000 USD) in less than a year.

Your investment into a Red Sea Housing Services MBR STP will give capital payback within 12 months, and residual savings over the coming years.

The RSH MBR, STP is suitable for:

Housing developments, Compounds, apartment blocks, manufacture plants, processing plants, schools, universities, rig camps, worker camps, clinics, hospitals, hotels , resorts.

If you want to save water now, a Red Sea Housing Services MBR STP is how

  • Small Footprint compared to conventional STP
  • Reengineer existing sewer system to incorporate RSH MBR STP
  • Virtually solids free produced water
  • Lower residual Sludge
  • System can be expanded with minimum of disruption
  • Simple Operator interface
  • High quality produced water.

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