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Red Sea Housing Services’ Integrated Solutions for Site Installation

Site installation begins with site clearing – uprooting trees, and preparation. To go on the ground work is done for the utilities to be set up, which includes trenching for underground utilities. Post this the foundation is laid and concrete pouring is carried out. Subsequently the conduits are secured to install the electrical and the plumbing. Once the stage is set the various units are installed in the appropriated foundations and the site is made ready for handover after appropriate cleaning and due diligence.


  • Setting the site
  • Site surveys
  • Soil testing
  • Clearing and preparation
  • Trenching for underground utilities
  • Create rainwater tank areas
  • Setting the foundation
  • Concrete pouring
  • Securing and reinforcing underground utilities in conduit pipes
  • Installation of plumbing line and back-filling
  • Electrical and plumbing line installation
  • Dewatering if required
  • Building Approval
  • Site access and preparations
  • Staging from the barge to the wharf to the site and installation
  • Offloading the different units, parts, and accessories
  • Installing the various units – canteen, kitchen, dining, accommodation, recreation, lavatory, security, and so on.
  • Collection of services
  • Installing firefighting products.
  • Internal and external finishing
  • Paving the walkways