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Fresh, Clean, Pressed Laundry

Red Sea Housing Services (RSHS) provides industrial laundry services to its customers by providing the finest washing and pressing of clothes. We are fully equipped with the latest and best machines in the industry to provide that extra care that will be required by the different fabrics and textures of your clothing. Every small stain, every tiny imperfection will be noted for you and great care given to assure that your clothing gets the kind of attention to detail that you would give it yourself. 

Camps come to rely on our prompt service, to help relieve their employees of such unnecessary stress. RSHS employs a most dedicated and efficient staff, in order to provide quality handling and processing of your laundry. Our staff exhibits supreme care and precaution to protect your laundry from damage or loss.


  • Prevention of cross contamination by adhering to a strict division between soiled and clean laundry
  • Correct water temperature as per industry standards
  • Soft water through a water softener system
  • Careful management of clothes as per fabric and textures
  • Absolute customer service