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Serve your Employees with the Most Exquisite and Healthy Food Platter

Red Sea Housing Services can provide modular kitchens and food service facilities at a faster and more cost-effective solution than traditional permanent construction methods. Our facilities can be designed from small teams to the largest construction teams. We have chefs that are trade qualified in hospitality (Commercial Cookery) or industry equivalent Menus tailored to suit 12 or 24 hour operations. They are well capable for catering to specific dietary requirements with regard to religious, or health situations including halal, coeliac, vegetarian and vegan. 

Red Sea Housing Services puts forth the time, effort and planning to ensure our high-quality products and world-class customer service improves the quality of life for your workforce and their families. We work with our customers to help boost employee morale and increase employee retention. By providing fresh food cooked on site daily, balanced menu plans, healthy eating options, event management and experienced, motivated staff, Red Sea Housing Services promotes the health and well-being of all occupants. 

  • Extensive range of items in menu
  • Specialty nutritional requirements
  • Healthier workforce
  • Dynamic range of food to reflect the diverse tastes and preferences of customers
  • Commitment to high quality standards, hygiene, taste, choice and service delivery
  • Exquisite presentation of food items

Red Sea Housing Services can tailor a program to meet the needs of any client in any location. We have a vast area of expertise and experience in providing services in the most remote areas. These services are tailor made programs and contracts to meet the specific needs that a client may have planned for or may have unexpectedly encountered in the course of the project they are seeking to complete.

The following areas of operations will be provided within the Red Sea Camp Facilities:

  • Full service catering for any nationality cuisine with full 3 meals a day
  • Commissaries that are professionally run to provide amenities and various items
  • Pest Control Services for the prevention of unwanted guests and disease control
  • 24 hour full operations in services for night shifts
  • Sports facilities – Basketball, Volleyball & tennis courts
  • Quickly respond to any problems on location with tools, equipment and labor
  • Daily, bi weekly, and weekly professional laundry and housekeeping services
  • Man-day tracking for clients that have crews working on multiple projects
  • Waste Management Services for multiple locations including containment and removal
  • Recreation facilities with various fitness, billiards, table tennis, football and theater equipment
  • Television systems with local, international and foreign language channels available
  • Waste water treatment providing safe, healthy and regulated results
  • First aid clinics as a first responder
  • Security personnel for safety and protection
  • Maintenance Programs for equipment
  • Complete landscaping from planting, irrigation, maintenance of grass, flowers and trees
  • Warehousing facilities and maintenance workshops that maintain par inventories
  • Non Stop power generation for any size project and maintenance with fuel supply
  • Room service for VIP, Senior and Junior room classifications to ensure maximum comfort
  • Manpower that is quickly adaptable to diverse situations and unique environments
  • Emergency Response Planning and teams to respond with manpower, tools and equipment
  • Packaging for meal parcels for work crews on tight deadlines or long distances from dining facility
  • Barber shops with professional groomers for remote location haircuts and shaves
  • Environmental Management Program that prevent accidents and monitor performance