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Red Sea Housing Manufactures UnitsTo Best Suit Customer Needs

In addition to camp accommodation for the drilling, seismic, militarymining and relief organizations, Red Sea Housing Services design and manufacture ‘in house’ a range of service utilities. These include acoustic generator enclosures, water treatment, sewage treatment and fuel and water storage tanks.

With our vast experience of camp design and manufacture, a dedicated engineering department and continuous feedback from our field staff, we are able to manufacture products with the emphasis on quality, durability, mobility, and user friendliness. Additionally, we provide electrical panels and supply cabling, water supply and drainage piping rendering Red Sea Housing a ‘one stop shop’ for your camp facilities.

The following benefits will be passed on to the customer:

  • Improved interface of camp and utilities, alleviating the hassle of client co-ordination of multiple contractors
  • Improved response time with regards to engineering, manufacture and shipping
  • Reduced overall project costs

Red Sea Housing has an impartial quality control department, which ensures the project is undertaken to the customer’s specification and applicable standards, ensuring the product is fit for purpose. Utilities are provided with a comprehensive operating and maintenance manual, which will enable the end user to fully understand the plant and easily identify parts and consumables.