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Sewage Treatment Plants

Pioneering solutions from top sewage water treatment plant manufacturers

Wastewater, if not handled properly, can be harmful both to people and the environment. With modern day technologies, there are now better ways to manage wastewater and put it into good use.

Red Sea Housing Services offers advanced wastewater management solutions to industrial and commercial clients and to property owners. Our company has a profound understanding of many industry sectors and we can custom engineer the right sewage treatment plant for your needs and enable you to facilitate improved wastewater management.

Top quality water treatment facility for any property or industry

As a one of the established sewage treatment plant companies in the world, we use top-of-the-line equipment to effectively and efficiently treat water waste and its by-products. Combined with a tailored strategy, we deliver a smart, safe, and reliable water-management solution to clients in across various industry sectors.

Our modular wastewater plants are flexible and can be integrated into your current system. We use an innovative Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) that reduces pollutants into a level that is safe for reuse or for release into the environment.

Trusted suppliers and solid waste management solutions

What we do affects who we are. We always ensure that we deliver the best service to our clients and to exceed their expectations in every possible way. By acquiring in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs, we are able to provide optimum and cost-effective solutions that are aligned with global industry standards for quality and performance.

Being one of the recognized companies for water treatment solutions, our team of experts is dedicated to delivering the best service that you deserve. We will guide you with every phase of the project – from conceptualization to testing. If you are in search of sewage water treatment plant manufacturers and suppliers, we can help you implement the most effective and sustainable solutions with our comprehensive expertise.

Sustainable & scalable sewage treatment solutions

Get in touch with our team today and let us know how we can help you. Contact us on +966-13-361-3451 or email us at You may also drop us a line through our contact form.

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Key Features

  • User-friendly easy to operate interface
  • Reliable process since the MBR plant is typically operated at low organic loading rates, and the membrane provides a barrier to particulate discharge; the sludge within the reactor basin simply digests itself without affecting the effluent quality
  • System expandable with minimum disruption
  • High quality effluent enough to be discharged to coastal, surface or brackish waterways or to be reclaimed for urban irrigation
  • Small footprint since secondary clarifiers and filters are eliminated
  • Easy retrofitting possible with existing septic system or discreet installation during the facility build; since the unit is modular
  • Lower residual sludge - high quality treated effluent
  • Virtually solids-free produced water
  • Produced water surpasses the most stringent standards (including the California Title 22 specification)
  • Effective reverse osmosis process purifies the water to high purity levels
  • Energy efficient – in some cases lower energy consumed than used for ground-water pumping and piping