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Relief Housing Facility

Robust, disaster recovery deployments


Red Sea Housing Services (RSHS) offers robust structures ideal of disaster recovery operations, which require immediately deployable buildings for temporary emergency applications. Available as semi-permanent alternatives to conventional construction, the RSHS structures are flexibly designed to be constructed, and built quickly and effectively to help you save time, money and even lives. With limited need for foundations and attractive energy-efficient insulation packages available, RSHS structures can also be easily dismantled and relocated for any future needs.

RSHS believes in working with a client to find the best solution not working for the client to increase revenue. We have collaborative network of logistic suppliers to support any crisis situations.

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Key Features

  • Can be made available quickly with the flexibly designed construction
  • Limited requirement for foundations
  • Can be dismantled with ease and relocated
  • Lower overall costs



  • Rapid deployment
  • Ease of relocation
  • Flexibility of design
  • Cost effective construction
  • Energy-efficient