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The Divisions of Red Sea Housing

Providing Industrial Housing Solutions

For more than 4 decades, Red Sea Housing Services has built upon its reputation as the global leader in industrial housing solutions, providing turnkey solutions in remote and urban areas across the globe. Our wide array of high-quality, reliable and durable modular housing products has served business and governmental customers in a number of sectors worldwide including oil and gas, construction, mining, infrastructure, defense, government, hotels & hospitality, and manufacturing.

When multi-national corporations, regional players, and governments are in need of a trusted partner with solid experience in manufacturing and operating high quality employee facilities or modular hotels and apartments, in remote, rugged environments with challenging logistics and timelines, they turn to Red Sea Housing Services. In order to provide a truly hassle-free, turnkey experience, RSHS also offers comprehensive services including power, sewage treatment, fresh water, catering and much more, to complement our industrial housing offerings.

Creating Affordable Housing

Building on our expertise as one of the largest producers of modular building systems in the Middle East and North Africa, RSHS has identified how our extensive know-how and expert capabilities can be utilized to offer affordable housing solutions throughout the world. Partner with us to make a meaningful difference in the world through our affordable housing solutions.

Investing in Building Materials

As a natural complement to our industrial housing products, RSHS is actively growing by investing in technology and building materials. Following the adoption of our 2020 Growth Strategy, we have partnered with Sherwin Williams to float the Premier Paint Company, thus becoming the exclusive distributor of Sherwin Williams’ paint in the Middle East region. With this joint venture, RSHS is well positioned to meet the building material needs of many more customers around the world. By forging ties with the No. 4 paint supplier in the world, we have ensured that our customers do enjoy the same levels of service and product quality as they expect from RSHS in all associated services too. Learn more about our building materials division.