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Ensuring Customer-Satisfaction with Quality Products, Solutions, and Services

Red Sea Housing Services assures our customers of producing products in a controlled factory environment, subjected to rigorous quality control and testing procedures, to ensure uniformity and quality of product. All employees are instructed and trained in the observance of the company’s manufacturing QC/QA manual, which is based on ISO 9001 procedures and guidelines. The electrical, mechanical and structural building systems are repeatedly tested at stations, along the production line and again in the field during and after installation.

We instruct and train all our employees in the observance of our manufacturing quality control and quality assurance manuals, which are based on ISO 9001 procedures and guidelines. All building systems (electrical, mechanical and structural) are repeatedly tested at stations along the production line and again in the field during and after installation. Our craftsmen and skilled workers adhere to strict quality controls and testing procedures to ensure uniformity and the quality of Red Sea Housing’s products. These efforts, which demonstrate our commitment to exceeding customer expectations and delivering high-quality, reliable products and services, have earned the trust of our customers.

We take efforts to ensure the level of quality for products delivered through our joint ventures and strategic alliances. To this means we make sure that we enter into partnerships with the right vendors after appropriate due diligence of their processes, products, and services.

On this journey towards obtaining the standards in quality, we have accrued innumerable certifications for our products and facility that testify the claims beyond the vast number of installations that we have across 65 countries. Learn more about our Accolades and Recognitions.