Why Red Sea Housing?

Red Sea International Company, a Saudi Public Joint Stock Company comprises the businesses of Red Sea Housing Services (RSHS), the Industrial Housing Division, Red Sea Affordable Housing (RSAH), the affordable housing arm, and Red Sea Building Materials (RSBM), the Building Materials Division. Since the establishment of our first subsidiary 4 decades ago, RSHS has become the largest and most advanced modular building solution provider throughout Middle East, Africa, and Asia.  Our innovative building techniques and business spread is reflected through the diversified product portfolio and successful imprint across industry sectors. Whilst establishing our footprint in over 65 countries worldwide, we have actively embedded our presence and reputation as the leader in off-site modular construction.

Being one of the largest producers of modular building systems in the Middle East and North Africa, the RSAH was formed to leverage our expertise and know-how to provide affordable housing solutions to communities who are in need, across the globe.

The RSBM was formed by a shareholder’s agreement with Sherwin-Williams, a leading US based paints manufacturer, when it acquired 81% share of Premier Paint Company.

Red Sea International products and solutions are delivered internationally through its integrated manufacturing facilities across different countries. RSHS has operating facilities with a total production capacity of 900,000 square meters per year in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Ghana, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea. The ability of RSHS to coordinate between the different manufacturing facilities, shipping services and construction sites has made the company a leader in the field of providing comprehensive modular housing solutions around the world. We not only provide our clients alternative delivery methods, but also ensure quicker project delivery, leading to cost savings for our clients.