Who is Red Sea Housing?

A Diversified Organization Offering Industrial Housing, Affordable Housing & Building Materials Solutions to the World

Red Sea Housing Services (RSHS), a public company listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange under Red Sea symbol (Tadawul 4230), is an international market leader that provides modular high quality living and working environments for industrial and commercial segments. With significant experience in providing industrial housing products and services in remote and urban locations across the world in more than 65 countries for over 4 decades, RSHS has cemented exceptional reputation for designing, planning, producing, managing, leasing, and operating corporate housing solutions. At Red Sea Housing Services, we build housing facilities and related infrastructure – on a large scale, to tight deadlines, with quick turnarounds – in remote, rugged areas across the globe, to meet the requirements of multi-national corporations, regional players, and governments. Through its main subsidiaries, it provides civil contracting for commercial and residential buildings; offers real estate property investment and development; production of paints, coatings and construction machinery and equipment; and repair and maintenance services. Recently, RSHS has developed an innovative modular building system to construct multi-level steel frame buildings for hotels, apartments, schools, etc. This new system enables clients to take advantage of the significant time and cost savings that modular construction can deliver.

RSHS sets up the infrastructure and facilities required for global companies to construct high quality, reliable, durable and tailored modular buildings, and housing units, including hotels, offices, accommodation units, utility services, telecommunications networks, catering and recreation facilities, from its manufacturing facilities in Saudi, UAE, Ghana, PNG, and Malaysia. From the generators to the water, from the beds to the basketball courts, Red Sea Housing Services builds homes away from home of the highest quality, be it for 20 or 20,000 people. Learn more about our industrial housing division. To support the housing sector with building materials, we offer the highest quality paint and a trained team of professional painters to provide reliable paint application services for medium and large-scale projects in the housing, commercial and industrial sectors. Learn more about our building materials division. Driven by population growth and macro-economic demand, we are applying our industrial expertise to help narrow the affordable housing gap, globally and regionally by developing high-quality large-scale communities where they are needed most. Our organic and acquisitive growth strategy, partnerships and continuous innovation in technologies and materials will help us to meet this significant demand and deliver urban communities retaining the same commitment to speed quality, and scale that Red Sea Housing Services is known for. Learn more about our affordable housing division.

We aim to be a positive force for good in all the communities where we operate, and to care about the environments where we work. We don’t skimp on quality, whether we’re building modular housing for large multi-national global companies, or developing neighborhoods in areas that need them the most. Our dedication to integrity, leadership, vision and people has enabled Red Sea Housing Services to become one of the largest producers of modular building systems in the Middle East and Africa as well as a global leader in the management and operation of workforce camps around the world.

The Red Sea Housing Services Difference

For more than 4 decades, Red Sea Housing Services has remained committed to meeting the needs of its customers by providing high-quality, quick, reliable, innovative, and durable industrial housing products as well as unparalleled customer service. Red Sea has successfully designed, planned, produced, managed, leased, and operated, manufactured housing in remote and urban locations in more than 65 countries around the world. Learn more about our global reach.

Our track record of successfully providing turnkey solutions in remote areas speaks of our strength in logistics as well as managing and operating workforce camps for an array of customers. With vast experience working at remote and hostile industries in varied socio-economic-political, and environmental situations, we have been there in project locations perhaps before our customers set foot on the same. By not compromising on the quality grade for the products and services provided, the customer satisfaction that we attain is our competitive advantage. We are capable of adapting our solutions to the specifications that best suit the conditions that we might encounter at client premises Learn more about our international experience.

Red Sea Housing Services has been able to offer solution-based products, services, and specialized ex-factory units or brands in this ever-changing industries and markets because of its vision, leadership and team of dedicated individuals. Our team of more than 3,600 skilled employees work with customers to understand their needs and challenges, identifying customized housing solutions, introducing industry-specific units and offering unparalleled customer service. Learn more about our products.

Our products include temporary or permanent modular buildings that can be used for worker accommodations, motels, hotels, apartments, offices, schools, medical centers and more. To complement our wide range of products, the company offers an array of customizable turnkey services including utilities, catering, entertainment and more. Learn more about our services.

To cater to the growing demand for our products, Red Sea Housing has its five manufacturing facilities in Jubail in Saudi Arabia, Accra in Ghana, Dubai in United Arab Emirates, Nations Capital District in Papua New Guinea, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Each of these operating facilities, with an average area of 75,000 square meters, have in total a production capacity of 770,000 square meters per year.Learn more about our manufacturing facilities.

Propelled by the motto “If our customer wants it, we innovate to provide it,” the company’s Research and Development department works to develop innovative products that meet the requirements and aspirations of potential clients and key sectors. Our constant endeavor to build on our technology has been the main agenda behind our strategic alliances, and joint ventures - with Sherwin Williams (no:1 USA paint company) to become their exclusive paint distributor in Middle East region, Direcional Engenharia (the Brazilian market leader for affordable housing solutions), and acquisition of AM Modular (a leading designer and manufacturer of prefabricated modular buildings). Learn more about our Research and Development wing.

Whether you are an existing customer, a company considering using Red Sea Housing Services for the first time, a current stakeholder, a potential investor or a talented individual looking to work for a dynamic organization, Red Sea Housing Services invites you to participate in this exciting period of growth for the company. Learn more the Red Sea Housing difference!

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