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Permanent Stationary Camps, Re-locatable Camps, Skid Mounted Buildings, Blast Resistant Buildings, Highly Mobile Rolling Buildings, Offshore Structures (A60 specifications), Containerized Buildings, Custom Built Units, Power Plants, Water and Sewage Treatment Plants, Incineration, On-site Civil Works




Red Sea Housing manufactures, sells and leases all types of modular buildings.  Our market area cover Africa, the Middle East, Asia and South America.  We have 4 manufacturing facilities strategically located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Accra, Ghana and Tripoli, Libya to serve the growing demands of our clients worldwide.


Flexibility is one of our greatest assets.  Our factories operate round the clock (24/7) when necessary to ensure shipping deadlines are met.  Red Sea Housing's commitment to excellence is the key to our continuing success. 


Turnkey Solutions


We assist clients with their most challenging projects to determine the best possible option in order to satisfy each specific requirement.  We offer a full range of housing products and total package solutions.


Red Sea Housing is recognized to serve all types of commercial and residential housing requirements, from temporary to permanent structures, including accommodation facility, offices, kitchen/dining units, recreation facility, laundry areas, labor quarters, drilling/rig camps, dormitories, guardhouses, hospital/clinics, hotels, relief housing facilities and schools.


We have developed various types of building specifications to suit individual housing requirement. 


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