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Red Sea Housing Services, a public company listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange under Red Sea symbol 4230, was established in 1986.  It has supplied hundreds of projects in over 56 countries around the world.  With four modern ISO certified manufacturing facilities and strategically located in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Ghana and Libya, Red Sea Housing Services is capable of serving its diversified clients with quality products in a timely manner.


The Company sells and leases a wide range of manufactured buildings for commercial and residential applications and offers quick and durable housing solutions to the oil & gas, construction and mining sectors as well as government and multi-lateral organizations.


Building on its vast experience in design, planning and production of manufactured housing, the company continuously strives to deliver high quality products and loyal service.  Red Sea offers various housing products with a proven track record of expertise in providing entire turnkey camp package solution.  We manufacturer, deliver, install and commission our camps in some of the most hostile and remote regions of the world.


Red Sea has a large and diverse customer base, as well as sales representative offices, agents and site offices in the company's major target areas to serve existing customers and seek additional business.


The company currently employs over 3,000 full time personnel and the Management is highly trained and qualified in the manufactured housing industry, with a vast array of experience in both the Middle Eastern and international markets.




Red Sea Housing has accounts and commercial dealings with major world class banks such as Riyadh Bank and Saudi Al Hollandi Bank located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates Bank and Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation located in United Arab Emirates.  Project financing is already well established with all of these banks.  In addition, bank guarantee, letter of credit and other types of financial services have been extended and are available at any time, as per client's needs.


Bank references, contact points and updated financial statements and balance sheets are readily available upon request.




Red Sea Housing maintain full insurance coverage of all its facilities, as well as third party liability and product liability.  Additional policies as needed for specific coverage on specific projects can also be obtained as the client my require.